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16th Asian Xiangqi Championship

16th Asian Xiangqi Championship

Country/Region  Leader    Men's Division     Women's Div 

Australia  KUANG Jin Guang   Hung Tu TO,
                            HU Jing Bin   (to confirmed)
Brunei     TAN San Hock     YU Chu Woon   CHIENG Hie Mee
Cambodia   — — —
China      LIU Xiao Fang    XU Yin Chuan,  HONG Zhi      CHEN Xing Lin
China HongKong             - WONG Hok Him —
Indonesia Darjatno HARDJO TJAI Tji Kiong(Abuku DIAN Fitiyani
India         — — —
Japan    YAMADA Mitsunori
                        SHOSHI Kazuharu,SONE Toshihiko —
China Macau Kevin HO Ling Lun, CAO Yan Lei,CHE Keng Po —
Malaysia  TAN Suan Ching, LAY Kam Hock, TAN Yu Huat —
East Malaysia LAU Siih Ngie, CHIENG Kuok Wu LAM Ka Pui
Myanmar   Soe Myint,    Myint Sein, Tin Win —
Philippines Manuel TAN CHONG Heung Ming, Wilson FANG — 
Singapore CHOW Bon Tong LUM Yew Sum, KOH Zheng Hao
                                     Fiona TAN Min Fang 
ChineseTaipei*CHOUChienFang,WUKuiLin,CHIANGChungHao  PENG Jou An 
Vietnam NGUYEN Thanh Lam ,LAI Ly Huynh, VO Minh Nhat
                                           NGO Lan Huong

Notes: *The Chinese Chess Learning Association is invited to participate in the championship pending decision on their membership application at the forthcoming executive committee meeting in Sydney — translated from the announcement on the AXF website.
Click here for  Players List in Chinese  

“YongHong - DeKun” Cup

“YongHong - DeKun” Cup

The 16th Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship Regulation

  1.  Governing Body: Asian Xiangqi Federation
  2.  Host Organizer: National Australian Xiangqi Federation
  3.  Date: 22nd-27th September, 2013
  4.  Venue:  Vibe Hotel, 111 Goulburn Street, Sydney, Australia
  5.  Countries and Regions Invited (Members of Asian Xiangqi Federation):
    Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, China, China Hong Kong, China  Macao, Chinese Taipei India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, East Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam
  6.  Entry Quota  for Competition:
    1) Men:  Each member of Asian Xiangqi Federation and the undertaker of the event can have two players, (including one person at their own expense). If the actual number of players is an odd number, the Australian Xiangqi Federation can send one extra player to make the number even.
    2) Women:  Each member of the Asian Xiangqi Federation can have one player.
  7. Game Rules:
    1)  Asian Xiangqi Rules will be adopted
    2)  Men:  7-round Hybrid System (5- Swiss  + 2-KO)
    3) Women:  to be determined based on to the final number of the registered players.
  8. Enrollment Method:
    Please email registration forms and players’ recent photos to Australia Xiangqi Federation by July 15th July, 2013. Registration after the deadline will not be accepted.
    Contact:   Diana Chan  0061 434610188; Yibing Deng 0061 422878688
    Email address: 
  9.  Awards:  
    The top 8 places of  men’s division  and top 6 places of women’s division  will be awarded with cash prizes and trophies.

Prizes (in HK$):

Place Men Women
Champion 10,000 5,000
Second 6,000 3,000
Third 4,000 2,000
Fourth 3,000 1,000
Fifth 2,000 1,000
Sixth 1,000 1,000
Seventh 1,000
Eighth 1,000

  10. Reception:
    1) The host organizer will cover related meals, accommodation and local transportation expenses during the competition (excluding the own expense person).
     2) Accommodation fee of 190AUD for double occupancy and 280AUD for single occupancy will be charged for Supernumerary staff per person per day.
    11. Supplementary information will be provided for any unmentioned matters.
1. There are many direct flights to Sydney International Airport from various countries.
2. The Australian currency in circulation is Australian Dollars. Other currencies such as US dollars and Hong Kong Dollars can be exchanged in Sydney.
3. In order to facilitate the arrangement of the pick-up from the airport, please notify the Australian Xiangqi Federation as soon as possible once the team attendance and flights are confirmed.
 4. All teams please buy their own insurance. The organisers will not be held       responsible for any accidents that occur during the competitio

  5. Dress Code:
1) Opening and closing ceremonies: Men must wear formalwear (suits, collared shirts, ties, dressing shoes), or internationally recognized countries’ national costumes. Ladies must wear  dress or countries’ national costumes.
2) Competition venue:
1stday: Formal wear must be worn.
2ndday: Players will wear their representing team LOGO sportswear.
3rdday: Formal wear to be worn.
3) Jeans-wear is strictly prohibited during the competition. Offenders will be denied admission to the venue.

A brief history of the championship

A brief history of the championship

The Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship is a major international xiangqi competition organised biennially by the Asian Xiangqi Federation (AXF). It grew out of its predecessor "Asian City Xiangqi Masters Invitational Tournament" that made its debut in 1981 in Bangkok. It was at first a all-men event, with 16 players from the member-associations of the AXF. The 2nd series scheduled for 1983 Manila was skipped owing to a political turmoil in the hosting country. The scope of competition was enlarged to include a women's division in 1991, in the 5th series held in Sandakan, East Malaysia.

The series was given a new name "Asian Xiangqi Masters Invitational Tournament" in 1995 while the serial number continued. Amendments were made to the tournament regulatios. The entry quota since then is tying to the results of the team championship, another biennial event of the AXF, in the preceding year. At that time, AXF's membership had increased from the founding seven to thirteen.
The series was renamed a second time in 2005 to its present name. A resolution was made in 2011 to the entry quota of men's division. All member-associations are now entitled to field two players on the condition that there will be no subsidy at all for the second player.
Undeniably China is the superpower nation since the inception of the series. For nearly 3 decades they always bagged the champion trophies, only came off second once in the women' division in 1999. However, the 15th series held in Macau shocked the world when Nguyen Hoang Lam and Ngo Lan Huong of Vietnam, seized the champion title from China respectively in the men's division and the women's division. In the forthcoming championship in Sydney, Xiangqi fans will be waiting to see if Vietnam could repeat their performance.
Below is a list of Champion title winners from 1995:
7th 1995 Malaysia Xu YinChuan (chn) Zhang GuoFeng (chn)
8th 1997 Brunei Yu YouHua (chn) Huang Wei (chn)
9th 1999 Philippines Jin Bo (chn) Liu Hong Shiou (tpe)
10th 2001 Vietnam Nie TieWen (chn) Zhao GuanFang (chn)
11th  2003 Singapore Huang HaiLin (chn) Wang LinNa (chn)
13th 2007 Indonesia Pan ZhenBo (chn) Chen LiChun (chn)
14th  2009 Malaysia Lv Qin (chn) Liu Huan (chn)
15th  2011 Macau Nguyen Hoang Lam (vie) Ngo Lan Huong (vie)

NAXF need voluntary service

NAXF need voluntary service

The Australia National Xiangqi Federation has the honour of hosting the 16th series of the Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship. It will take place from 22nd to 27th September 2013, at the prestigious Sydney Vibe Hotel. Besides financial support from ardent sponsors, manpower resource is also crucial to the success of the event. We need helpers to run the competitions and offer hospitality to contestants and guests. The ANXF is appealing to all xiangqi fans and supporters for voluntary service during the championship.

This is a good opportunity to be a part in a historical event. Sign up now as a volunteer by calling the hot-line 0434610188 or sending an email to:

YongHong - DeKun Cup Schedule

YongHong - DeKun Cup Schedule

2013-7-5 16:15:06

“YongHong - DeKun” Cup
The 16th Asian Xiangqi Individual Championship Schedule

Date Time Event Venue

Sunday 22nd September  
08:00---18:00 Registration Vibe Hotel
18:00---20:00 Welcome Dinner Emperor’s Garden Restaurant
20:00---22:00 Captain meeting & drawing Emperor’s Garden Restaurant

Monday 23rd September  
07:30---08:30 Breakfast  Vibe Hotel
09:00---12:00 Asian Xiangqi Federation Committee Meeting Vibe Hotel Conference room
09:00---12:00 First Round Vibe Hotel Conference room
11:30---13:00 Lunch  Emperor’s Garden Restaurant
14:00---18:00 Second Round Vibe Hotel Conference room
19:30---22:30 Opening Ceremony Emperor’s Garden Restaurant

Tuesday 24th September 
07:30---08:30 Breakfast Vibe Hotel
09:00---12:00 Asian Xiangqi Federation
Committee meeting Vibe Hotel Conference room
09:00---12:00 Third Round Vibe Hotel Conference room
11:30---13:00 Lunch Emperor’s Garden Restaurant
14:00---18:00 Fourth Round  Vibe Hotel Conference room
18:00---19:30 Dinner Emperor’s Garden Restaurant
19:30---22:30 Fifth Round Vibe Hotel Conference room

Wednesday 25th September 
07:30---08:30 Breakfast Vibe Hotel
11:30---13:00 Lunch Emperor’s Garden Restaurant
13:00---17:30 Sixth Round Vibe Hotel Conference room
18:00---19:30 Dinner Emperor’s Garden Restaurant
19:30---22:30 Final  Vibe Hotel Conference room

Thursday 26th September One Day Tour 
19:00---22:00 Closing Ceremony Emperor’s Garden Restaurant

Friday 27th September 
07:30---08:30 Breakfast Vibe Hotel
09:30--- Departure 

The 5th "Mekong Panthers Friendship Cup"

The 5th "Mekong Panthers Friendship Cup"

The 5th "Mekong Panthers Friendship Cup" is co-organise by the Mekong Panthers and the National Australian Xiangqi Federation

Date: Sunday 9th June 2013

Time: 10:30am ----6:30pm Followed by the presentation

Prize:$600, $300, $250, $150, $100,  $100

To register: (02) 96716018 or 0422878688,
Club: Mekong Panthers Reception Desk

Registeration Fee: $20 per team . close date: Friday 7th June

Address: Mekong Club,10/117 John St. Cabramatta (first floor)

Competition format : Each team has two players,one team leader or coach (can be as a spare player)
each team only can have one former national champion



Players are from 2011 &2012 Natioanal Open top 8.

They are :

Mr.Ngvyen,  Mr.Le Huy,  Mr.Cai Yan,  Mr.Hu Jin Bing ,  Mr.Su Zi Xiong  ,  Mr. Fong Lie,  Mr.Tom Tran,  Mr.KUang Jin Guang,  Mr.Zhang Gao Yang,  Mr.Ye Jin Biao,  Mr.Liu Qin,  Mr.Yang En

Event Day: 1st & 2nd of September
Event Time: 9:30am__6:00pm
Venue:  Mekong Club Cabramatta
Address: 1/117 John Street. Cabramatta 2166
Competition Prize Pool: 
1st $1000 plus trophy
2nd $400
3rd  $200
4th $100

To Register
Phone: 0422 878 688 (Mr Deng)

Free Entry for all players:
Players from Victoria or QLD receive $150 accommodation fee.

DeKun International
Mekong Panthers

The new directors have been elected

The new directors have been elected

The year 2012 is also a progressive year for the Australian Xiangqi Federation. The new directors have been elected on 24 June 2012.In an effort to strengthen the concentrated and appeal powers of this united associated, it has been agreed by all the committee directors to elect Mr Mak Chung Wing , the incumbent World Xiangqi Federation's vice-president, as the current day-to-day business president and be responsible for the overall planning and organising. 

2013 will be an extraordinary important year for development because it will be the first time a country from the Southern Hemisphere undertakes and organises an Asian event of the highest specification: the 16th Asian Individual Championship. There will be 17 member units from the Asian Xiangqi Federation sending their countries' elite xiangqi players to this tournament to contest the title of the new Asian xiangqi king.
Welcome all the numerous enthusiastic xiangqi fans to unite their efforts together and be of one mind. We consult each other for advice. We firmly believe to-morrow wull be even better.

    Head Office: Sydney Australia Copyright ©2009-2015 Nation Australian Xiangqi Federation.                  
    Branch Office: Adeled Australia All Rights Reserved.